Recent Talks

Recently I have given a few talks  (midwest relativity meeting, Ohio State U, U Central Florida) on Einstein Equations, Dark Matter and Dark Energy. The slides of the talks are here


Interplay between Mathematics and Physics

New Book

Tian Ma & Shouhong Wang, Phase Transition Dynamics, 2nd edition, Springer, XXXI + 757pages, 2019.

The First Edition of this book  focuses mainly on the theory and applications of dynamic phase transitions. In this Second Edition,  three new chapters, Chapters 7-9, together with revised Sections 1.1, 2.7, 3.1 and 3.2, are added to provide a comprehensive first-principle approach to the following new topics: 1) the nature and essence of physical laws (Section 1.1), 2) dynamical theory of thermodynamical phase transitions (Section 3.1), 3) dynamic theory of fluctuations and critical exponents (Section 3.2), 4) fundamental principles of statistical physics (Chapter 7), 5) quantum mechanism of condensates and high Tc superconductivity (Chapter 8), and 6) topological phase transitions (Chapter 9).

New Papers

Mickaël D. Chekroun, Honghu Liu, James C. McWilliams, Shouhong Wang, Transitions in Stochastic Non-equilibrium Systems: Efficient Reduction and Analysis, arXiv:2202.07031, Journalof Differential Equations, 346(2023), 145-204

Mickael D. Chekroun, Henk Dijkstra, Taylan Şengül, Shouhong Wang, Transitions of zonal flows in a two-layer quasi-geostrophic ocean model, arXiv:2110.05195,  Nonlinear Dynamics, 109(2022), 19987-1904 


IU Press Release on theory of dark matter and dark energy, 2012